Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Sonic Environment Introduction

Each defined territory (continent, country, state, city, county, town etc.) is endowed with pristine sounds that are man-made or natural. The Sonic Environment (a man-made entity) is a mass of audioscapes (musical systems often associated with identifiable cultures) that are emitting from sonic emitters (radio, television, recordings and performances). These audioscapes are complex and move along dual trajectories: in-loading or on-loading. In this blog we ask some questions: Do we have a way of understanding this complex interplay of musical systems within each sonic environment, or, how one trajectory dominates another, or how trajectories "fuse" to form new systems? Can we follow such trajectories in musical systems? Can we measure such emissions, and, thereby, create a way to sustain traditional and indigenous musical systems within each sonic environment, while not having any closed doors to any other musical system/s. Does globalisation mean that all sonic environments become homogenous? Are people capable of listening to multiple musical systems? There are many, many more questions, and all of them require urgent answers. The sonic environment is crucial to the general discussion of sustainability of world audioscapes in the face of super-rapid globalisation.

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