Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fiesta Rondalla 2015

Fiesta Rondalla is the annual concert series of the NUS Rondalla. The latest concert held on 23 January 2015 featured a number of new arrangements by tutors. NUS Rondalla is an extra-curricular activity managed by the NUS Centre for the Arts. 

The activity is managed by 3 Tutors and 1 Musical Director. A student executive committee runs the day to day activity. Each year new students have to be recruited and trained in one semester to perform Fiesta Rondalla. New students have to have music background. They are trained using a heuristic group music method and by the second semester a new rondalla is ready for work on the repertoire for the annual concert. 

 The Fiesta Programme this year featured John Silva as a special guest. John is a Singapore "blues music" singer who leads his own band The Blues Express. He is also a prolific song writer. Two of his compositions will be featured with rondalla accompaniment: KL Blues and Soldier.

You can watch all the items of this concert on video at the links that appear below. All the videos are annotated with information on the screen.
NUS Rondalla 2015

Fiesta Rondalla Video Clips

1. Opening: La Rondalla

2. Instruments of the Rondalla

3. Lakeside of Baikal

4. Blue Tango

5. In the Mood for Love

6. Voici Le Mois De Mai

7. El Choclo

8. Princess Mononoke

9. Forever Young sung by John Silva

10. KL Blues composed and sun by John Silva

11. Soldier composed and sung by John Silva

12. Souvenir De Porto Rico

13. Granada

14. Closing

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Freddie Aguilar in Singapore

Anak - The Untold Story: Illustrated Lecture at the Singapore Management University under the Lien Fung's Colloquim!

 Freddie Aguilar with his Taylor Guitar                                                                                                                                                                                        

Kirpal Singh and I met Freddie at his new club Ka Freddie at Quezon City to convince him to come to Singapore and talk about the many untold details of his illustrious music career.

Anak is still the single most successful Asian song that went viral in 1978 and maintained its place till now. You can hear the original version here:

Many versions came about since then. In Singapore, Ramli Sarip did a Malay version:

I met Freddie in 1978 while I was studying at the College of Music, University of the Philippines. My trio played in his club Bodega. 

Joe Peters and his East West Trio in Quezon City in 1978


 Freddie Aguilar, the extraordinary Filipino musician who created the song Anak, a timeless folk song that sustained as an international hit since 1978, gave his illustrated talk on Anak- The Untold Story. on 18 April 2015 at SMU. Freddie charmed the audience with his humour. With his Taylor guitar strapped to his body, as he told his story to an attentive and responsive audience. He ended his talk with a performance of Anak, accompanied by his son Jeriko and the Singapore Tremolo Rondalla. There are 15 segments (on UTube) that covers the entire talk and performance. Anak is still a good music business model for your professional musicians who are trying to make their way in the industry.
If you are in Manila and want to say hello to Freddie and his son Jeriko, you can visit Ka Freddie Restruant and Bar, where Freddie performs. He has other musicians there too - it like a re-creation of his old University Belt club BODEGA - some forty years ago. Ka Freddie is at 120 Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City. 


1 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Early Life at Isabela LRe

2 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Growing Up in Manila

3 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Leaving Home

4 Freddie Aguilar Talk at SMU: Trying to Make It in Manila

5 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Olongapo City

6 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Olongapo City Making it Finally!

7 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Olongapo The Making of Anak

8 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Anak Brings Father and Son Together LRes

9 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: 1st Metro Manila Music Festival

10 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Loosing and Winning

11 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Performance Preamble

12 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Performance of Anak

13 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Truth about the English version of Anak

14 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: MABUHAY Performed by Singapore Tremolo Rondalla

15 Freddie Aguilar's Talk at SMU: Question and Answer Session